Unleash Your God-given Design
By Having Fun

Unleash Your God-given Design
By Tuning into Joy

Hello, I’m Tim Morris. I am utterly convinced down to the core of my being that you were made on purpose, and not just part of you — all of you. God did not make a mistake. And — not only do I believe it is truly possible to find your design and have fun, but that it is essential. From what I can see in the Bible God is not a curmudgeon, he didn't make you to hate life, he hardwired you — he designed you — to thrive on joy at the heart-level. Joy is the experience of being fully alive, the truest sense of fun, the place where our motivation is found, and where adventure awaits... Read More

The two most important days are the day you are born and the day you figure out why.

Mark Twain

Ready to move towards your dreams?

Dreams aren't meant to stay in the middle of the night. They are there to point you as a compass to where your deepest purpose awaits to be lived out.

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